Heating is an essential aspect of our homes, providing us comfort during the colder months. 

While central heating is a feature of the modern home, the radiators which are a key element often appear dated and unsightly.

Getting rid of radiators or relocating them isn’t easy. However, adding radiator covers can help transform your home and turn the radiators into a feature of any room.

Whether you have just bought a new home or have lived there for some time, renovating or decorating your property is something you are likely to do a number of times in your lifetime.

Sometimes it is as simple as re-painting a room and moving around furniture, while on other occasions you may be undertaking larger projects with bigger tasks such as knocking down walls.

We all have an ideal picture in our head of what we want the finished room to look like — often it is the small details which help to achieve the bigger picture.

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Nelson ★★★★★

My new radiator cover is lovely - it changes the whole image of my living room. The feel of the material is really nice and the white colour compliments the painting of my living room.


Gerry ★★★★★

We were looking for a bespoke radiator cover as our dimensions were different to 'off the shelf' versions. Tom assisted us and gave us advice as to what would be the best option for us. The radiator cover was exactly as we wanted.


Conor ★★★★★

Delighted with my new radiator cover, the quality is amazing! Really nice company to deal with, very efficient. I would highly recommend.

Radiator Covers Ireland

While you can manoeuvre furniture around easily in any room, the location of radiators is fixed and can often get in the way of your grand ideas.

The possibilities are endless with our bespoke radiator covers. You can use them to make a design statement while maximising the use of space in any room.

From bookshelves to TV cabinets, we can design a unit that incorporates and covers your radiator.

Our skilled tradesmen are able to design and manufacture made-to-measure high-quality radiator covers made from heat-resistant and moisture-resistant MDF.

Each cover is individually crafted to your specification and built to be durable. Finished in PU paint, you can choose the colour of your radiator cover so that it suits the design of your home.

From a design perspective, investing in bespoke furniture is a fantastic way to ensure your home reflects your personality. Having complete control over every element of the design process will mean that you can create that ideal room a reality.

No matter what room you are thinking of you will need to consider how to make the radiator part of that design.

Bespoke Radiator Covers

Excellent quality materials (certified hidrofugo® moisture resistant MDF, and optional solid wood tops)yes
Outstanding finish (spray painted in a colour of your choice)yes
100% made-to-measure (to fit your rads perfectly)yes
Specialist woodworking team with experience and professionalismyes
Delivery service — In Dublin and nationwideyes
Over 120+ happy clients since 2012yes

Kitchens are often considered the heart of every home and — in our experience — the kitchen is the most intricately designed room in any home. Bespoke kitchens are a great way to maximise use of space and create a room that works for you and your family. Our design team can help with every aspect of this process.

Alongside the usual requests for varying kitchen styles and island units, we also manufacture units which incorporate radiators.

If the radiator is placed within the main area of your kitchen, a great way to include it would be choosing a radiator cover unit which contains storage in a style and finish which matches your kitchen.

This can work if you are fitting a new bespoke kitchen or trying to match it your existing units.

If you have an open plan kitchen which incorporates a living area, you may wish to consider a radiator unit which is designed as a bookshelf. Finished in the same colours as your kitchen, it will help to create a seamless flow and be a great place to store cookbooks, photographs and ornaments.

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Bespoke Radiator Covers

Depending on the location of your radiator, you may wish to make it as part of a pantry unit.

Or — if you are a fan of good wines — why not think about commissioning a wine rack design as part of your cover for the kitchen or living room?

There are so many functional and ingenious ways you can use our service. We are happy to help you turn your ideas into reality and are the number one provider of bespoke radiator covers in Ireland. We are Dublin-based and deliver nationwide.

Of course, radiators are all over your house and we have further clever ways you can make them functional pieces of furniture within your home.

A popular request we get is to design radiator covers that include TV units. Whether you require a large or small unit we have a variety of solutions for you.

A TV unit can become a focal point of a living space. Choosing to have a large TV unit with inbuilt storage is not only practical but also stylish. Thinking about where to hide wires, and whether you want to mount your TV on the wall will help to inform the design or your radiator cover unit.

Feeling courageous? Opt for a colourful finish to your TV unit. This can help to pull the room together.

Have a browse through the TV units on our website to gain some inspiration or inform you ideas of what you want to include within your home. Our design team will be happy to help integrate a bespoke radiator cover into it.

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Large Radiator Covers

A further place within the home where it would be wise to consider large radiator covers is the bedroom.

Clever storage solutions are the key to a peaceful and tranquil bedroom. Therefore, choosing bedroom furniture which is stylish and practical is essential.

Particularly if you are short on space, you want to make sure every inch of the bedroom is designed to perfection. If your radiator is placed against a wall, ordering a unit that incorporates it as part of dressing table would be a great way to include it as part of the furniture.

Like the kitchen, you will want to ensure that it matches the finish of the other furniture within your bedroom.

Sometimes hallways will contain substantial radiators and again this is the perfect opportunity to obtain additional storage space.

Our large radiator covers can be designed to include units which suit your needs exactly, our designers relish a challenge and would be happy to help find the perfect option for your home.

Our large radiator covers are available in a range of finishes and unique designs. You are sure to find something which fits perfectly in your home.

Get a made-to-measure rad cover.

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Small Radiator Covers

While we often provide bespoke solutions for those wanting to include radiators as larger pieces of furniture, we are also able to provide products for those seeking small radiator covers.

Our skilled woodworking company can produce a one of a kind radiator cover. The in-house designers are happy to attend to your needs and ideas. By working together we can achieve unique results.

It is not uncommon to have a smaller radiator in your bathroom. Here a radiator cover would be useful for turning wasted space into a place for storing towels or toiletries.

We make our covers from a type of premium MDF that is highly dense and moisture-resistant, and safe to use in bathrooms and other humid environments.
Small radiator covers look good but they won’t help if you have an existing heating issue in your home. If you do find that your heating system isn’t working to its best ability, it may be time to consider a check-up, upgrade or gas boiler replacement.

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