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Every successful business is striving to create the best experience for their clients or customers. The first perception of a business can break the ice and invite the client to more trust and credibility. Having that in mind the first thing that a person sees walking into a building is a reception area. A reception area is the first point of contact with a business or an enterprise and the client or customer.

The experience behind a reception area is to create a welcoming, warm and pleasant environment where a customer or a client feels confident and comfortable while waiting or obtaining information.

When walking into a reception area the reception desk will be the main focus of the room. It is the centerpiece, the main anchor of the room that reflects the brand and the complexity of a business. Here are three main types of desks you can choose from to accommodate the reception room that will suit your needs.

The main qualities of a reception desk should satisfy the receptionist’s needs for spaces such as correspondence, documents, daily workflow and customer surface area.

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Curved Reception Desks

A curved reception desk has a single writing surface area for customers. It will nicely accommodate a small space and its curved form will easily fit into corners.

It is a small desk for one receptionist and will most likely suit a small business such as a hairdresser salon, a hostel and medical waiting rooms.

Research shows that round shapes are more relaxing than angular forms, a fact to keep in mind when thinking about creating an experience for a client in the reception area.

L-Shaped Reception Desks

L-Shaped reception desks will have a lot more workspace. The functionality will include more legroom, two different surface areas for clients and a space for a computer with additional room for phones, scanners and documents. The client experience will be increased in efficiency by additional surface area compared to the Curved Reception Desk.

The L shape of a desk will allow the receptionist to reach documents from different ends of a table with ease, saving time by having everything necessary within reach.

The design of the desk can be multifunctional, either against a straight wall or as part of a corner. L-Shaped Reception Desk can be angular or straight edged depending on the aesthetics of the overall brand of the business.

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U-Shaped Reception Desks

U-Shaped reception desks will accommodate large businesses with an active daily workflow. A receptionist working at a U-Shaped desk will most likely have three different workspaces. The workspace can be divided into computer space, document and filing spaces and correspondence space. The U-Shape of the desk gives the receptionist a lot more privacy while achieving the daily workflow. Everything will always be within reach.A client entering a reception room with a U-Shaped reception desk will be pleasantly surprised by the instant perception of the company’s organization, efficiency and professionalism.Just like the two previous desks the U-Shaped reception can be either curvy edged or straight edged to achieved the desired client experience according to the brand’s philosophy of a business.Choosing a reception desk will depend on your available space for the reception area. The available space will influence the choice of design and functionality achieving the right impact upon clients or customers.Did you know that built in wardrobes isn't just a feature for private homes? You can install built in furniture in your office for file or even clothing storage.

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